Picards von Wuterich

  coming litter at the beginning of march!



About Picardies

Greta Garbo

     Gretas last litter




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When you see a Picardy you remark on the first sight his rough, shaggy hair, his great, naturally stand-up ears which contrast smartly with his fuzzy head. This opposite gives the Picardy an irresistible daring appearance.


But look out, this shaggy is a real dog! Long time ago, the Picardies were bred to keep a herd of sheeps independently for several days. For this it takes a dog able to take himself decisions and who has the natural instinct to take watch.

With this we’re now in a right pickle! The education turns out not to be quite simple, for the Picardy is at any moment prepared to take the initiative and has a good portion of obstinacy at his disposal.

Your new family member should be educated very resolutely, but without harshness, in order to make it a longlasting pleasure living together with your dog. It’ s recommended to join a club where dogs are trained, for most of the Picardies have anyway a lot of fun “working” together with their owner.

Why do we breed? Be breed to contribue to the maintenance of this small, but extremely likeable breed. The Picardy deserves it !